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CLOEREN—The name that means innovation

From the moment Peter Cloeren Sr. sketched the first Cloeren Feedblock in 1975, our name has stood for innovation. When our customers need to improve an existing extrusion process or bring something completely new to market, the innovators at Cloeren will find a solution. That’s how we’ve done business from day one—working closely with our customers from material selection to process
optimization to help them develop better, more competitive extruded products.

To achieve the performance standards for which we’re known, Cloeren takes a disciplined approach. Starting with a proper definition of expectations, the organization emphasizes a scientific methodology applied to the Thermo-Mechanical-Fluid Science of the extrusion head system. Comprehensive application of three-dimensional FEA and CFD coupled with 3-D CAD-CAM manufacturing insures seamless integration from concept to delivery.

Cloeren’s decades of in-depth engineering expertise covers everything from the most essential sheet and cast film processes, to emerging applications in coatings and packaging; including Biaxially-Oriented Film, Cast Film, Extrusion Coating, Web Coating and Sheet processes.

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